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Fire Extinguishers Company in Dubai

Fire Extinguishers Dubai

Al Nuzha fire safety system is known as the best fire protection company in dubai, United Arab Emirates. Now we are providing highly advanced level equipments which will helpful to you. It is an active fire safety or protection device used to control small fires, sometimes in emergency circumstances. It cannot be used for out of control fire.

How many types of extinguishers?

Generally, there are four types/ Classes of fire extinguishers – A, B, C, D and each type can put out a different type of fire. Each equipment plays a different role according to the set work; it interferes with the chemical reactions occurring in the flame. It helps to you until the fire brigade come at your location. Some extinguisher has 1kg powder, 2kg, 5kg or according to the needs.

What we suggest?

Many clients have question that how many kg powder we must keep in house, car or office. Generally, it depends about the areas. But Al Nuzha says that we should always keep 2kg to 5kg powder because no one knows how the fire is big and when fire brigade come to your location at least you must have such the quantity until the fire brigade come to your location. Because 1kg will last around 8 seconds now you can estimate how much powder we should keep in our location.


You have fire safety equipment but did you ever check that fire products are working or not? Actually, we should keep in check once at least in 4 to 6 months so that you can easily use them with any doubt or problems. These are the things that are very important to keep in your home or office.

What we have:

Al Nuzha has many types of fire extinguisher equipment for your safety. We have many categories of it. You can purchase for your car, house and office or for everywhere. We have highly advanced technology products that can really help you in your bad time. So guys, Connect with us if you are looking for the same products.